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New bathy data from PacIOOS, including American Samoa
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This treasure trove of links is offered as a service in order to help seafloor mapping and marine/coastal GIS specialists, students, and interested parties from all over the world to find helpful information and data. It was originally developed by Dr. Dawn Wright and her graduate students in the Oregon State University Davey Jones' Locker research lab, and is now maintained by Dawn in her role as Esri Chief Scientist.

For questions or comments about these resource pages, please email the Captain directly.

New Content or Updates

Updates made to Marine/Coastal GIS CAREERS and new links can be found in Marine/Coastal GIS PROJECTS/STUDY/SITES and in SOFTWARE...

Site Content Update - 30 March 2009

New content from latest marine geomorphology sessions at Association of American Geographers (AAG) meeting in Las Vegas, Pacific Institute Sea Level Rise Data for California, new map server and data portal links from NOAA NGDC.

Site Content Update - 19 February 2009

Info. on the GEBCO Postgraduate Certificate in Ocean Bathymetry at the University of New Hampshire in Marine/Coastal GIS --> Careers or Seafloor Mapping --> Miscellanous/Other

Site Content Update - 2 February 2009

New links under Seafloor Mapping --> Data & Image Portals

Lots of excitement about Google Ocean! It's finally here!

See blog entries at http://www.gearthblog.com/blog/archives/2009/01/new_view_of_ocean_floor_in_google_e.html

and NY Times piece at

Site Content Update - 26 January 2009

See new American Samoa and Asuncion island links in Marine/Coastal GIS --> Projects/Study Sites/MPAs

Site Content Update - 12 January 2009

New links added to Marine/Coastal GIS:

Internet Map Servers
see "Global Map of Human Impacts on Marine Ecosystems (NCEAS UCSB)"

Projects, Study Sites and MPAs
see "World Resources Institute Coral Reef Projects"

Data Portals
see "Multipurpose Marine Cadastre"

Software (Extensions and Tools)
see "MarineMap"

Workshops and Short Courses
see various

Site Content Update - 2 January 2009

New links added to Marine/Coastal GIS --> Data & Image Portals, Internet Map Servers
See "OzCoast"

Happy new year!

Latest Content - 28 Dec 2008

New links added to Marine/Coastal GIS --> Data & Image Portals, Internet Map Servers

Happy New Year!

Latest Content - 18 Dec 2008

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